Sports Betting Champ Revealed

John Morrison’s sports betting system is exactly that and has the record for winning picks to prove it. With his expertise in statistics, talent for crunching numbers and all around love for all sports he has singled handed produced the best sports betting system we may have ever seen.

Here is a perfect example of how successful this system has worked. In last year’s NBA season, out of 81 picks made using Morrison’s system he failed to just pick one winner out of 81 which is a success rate of 97%. Pretty amazing to say the least.

Usually I am a very skeptical person when it comes to using a system like this or just buying anything online, but Morrison has me convinced as he not only is an expert in NBA picks, but with Major League Baseball as well.

Everyone that pays attention to the MLB nowadays knows how hard it can be to predict the outcomes because of a number of things, mainly because they play on almost a daily basis throughout their 162 season and injuries and days off for superstar players happen all the time so you never really know who will take the field. Plus, in the MLB a team can on top of the league and or their division one week and down in the dumps in the next, it is just seemingly unpredictable or so you may think.

Being good at picking winners consistently in one sport is awesome, but have the ability to master two sports is almost unbelievable and an amazing talent. John Morrison has done just that, so far up to August 14th, 2008 into the MLB season his system has picked 59 winners out of 63 games. Once again proving his system to be the bar in which a sports betting system is measured.

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